Visit Aomori Museum of Art

Visit Aomori Museum of Art: World-class design and Aomori culture. The smooth architecture of the celebrated Aomori Museum of Art almost threatens to upstage its own one of a kind present day art collection. All things considered, the star of the show is still the artwork, which offers extraordinary insights into Aomori's culture, heritage and plan.

Visit Aomori Museum of Art

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The museum's striking present day architecture
Artist Marc Chagall's four giant sceneries from the ballet "Aleko"
Works by Aomori native Yoshitomo Nara, who has won recognition for his peculiar style

How to Visit Aomori Museum of Art

The Aomori Museum of Art is close Shin-Aomori Station and Aomori Station.

While it is some distance from the city center, a trip to the Aomori Museum of Art is definitely justified even despite your time as it can without much of a stretch be joined with the historical Sannai Maruyama Jomon Archeological Site, located just 5 minutes away by foot. Via auto or taxi, the museum is 10 minutes from JR Shin-Aomori Station, 20 minutes from JR Aomori Station, and about thirty minutes from Aomori Airport. By transport, it takes 20 minutes from JR Aomori Station.

Local heritage both inside and out

The Aomori Museum of Art was composed by Japanese architect Jun Aoki, who is known for his sweet arrangement of Louis Vuitton boutiques from New York to Tokyo. For the museum, he took a substantially more minimalistic approach.

His outline was roused by the Sannai Maruyama Jomon Archeological Site, which is located close to the museum and jelly the remaining parts of a settlement from over 4,000 years prior.

The museum's location was decided to exhibit the historical connection between art and culture, and it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. Take a stroll around the exterior of the museum to completely appreciate its exceptional outline.

Enter the museum and, as you wander through the different collections, watch the plan of every exhibition lobby. Most of the museum's corridors are underground, and have been intended to look like an archeological site.

Visit Aomori Museum of Art
Primary Entrance to the museum

A local favorite in Aomori Museum of Art

The Aomori Museum of Art has, since 2006, satisfied its guarantee of introducing nearby Aomori art to the world. Its most notable image is a 8.5 meter tall statue of the Aomori Dog by Aomori-conceived artist Yoshimoto Nara, whose works have been shown around the world.

The permanent collection incorporates works by nearby Aomori artists, for example, woodblock printmaker Shiko Munakata, photographer and playwright Shuji Terayama, and sculptor Toru Narita. There are additionally works by remote painters including Henri Matisse, Rembrandt van Rijn and Pablo Picasso.

Befitting its status as a world class contemporary art museum, the Aomori Museum of Art additionally holds temporary exhibitions, and in addition concerts, plays and workshops. Look at what's on by visiting the museum website before your trip.

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