Visit Enoura Observatory: An art complex with breathtaking views of Sagami Bay

Visit Enoura Observatory: An art complex with breathtaking views of Sagami Bay. The Enoura Observatory neglects Sagami Bay in Odawara.

Established in 2017 by the Odawara Art Foundation—which was established by picture taker Hiroshi Sugimoto—this complex was worked with the point of demonstrating its guests the embodiment of Japanese culture. This spot is ideal for those with an affection for craftsmanship and design.

Visit Enoura Observatory
Enoura Observatory

How to Get Enoura Observatory

The Enoura Observatory is available through free transport from Nebukawa Station.

Take the JR Tokaido Line from Odawara Station to Nebukawa Station (seven minutes). Take the free transport from Nebukawa Station to the Enoura Observatory (10 minutes).

Note: Due to the predetermined number of seats on the van transport, it is prescribed that you hold a place when purchasing your ticket to the observatory on the web.

Then again, you can take a taxi from Manazuru Station (10 minutes).

Visit Enoura Observatory
Meigetsu Gate ©️ Odawara Art Foundation
Visit Enoura Observatory
Summer Solstice Observation Gallery ©️ Odawara Art Foundation

Explore the many facets of the Enoura Observatory

A roomy complex, the Enoura Observatory houses craftsmanship displays with regular presentations, a tea function room, a 100-meter-long exhibition worked to outline the sun at day break, the reestablished Meigetsu Gate from the Muromachi time frame, and a lovely walking garden, just to give some examples. You will likewise discover a scope of Japanese engineering styles from medieval to contemporary.

Visit Enoura Observatory
Uchōten ("tune in to-the-Rain") Teahouse ©️ Odawara Art Foundation
Visit Enoura Observatory
Komatsu Stones ©️ Odawara Art Foundation

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