Visit Sand Museum in Tottori

A world-class sand art installation neglecting Tottori's sand ridges. The Sand Museum is an extraordinary and fascinating facility that houses a portion of the best cases of sand sculpting on the planet.

The exhibitions change annually and last from mid-April until early January the next year. Past themes incorporate areas, for example, Southeast Asia and South America and countries including Great Britain and Germany.

Visit Sand Museum in Tottori

Quick Facts About Sand Museum in Tottori

  • The Sand Museum was established in 2006 and moved to its present site in 2012
  • The inherent impermanence of sand—part of the museum's allure—is intrinsically connected to the Japanese virtue of appreciating that which isn't perpetual

How to Visit Sand Museum in Tottori

Come to the musuem by rail, transport or air.

Tottori Sakyu Conan Airport, just two kilometers from the museum, connects Tottori to Tokyo's airports in just finished 60 minutes.

The sand hills are a 20-minute transport ride from JR Tottori Station. The Tottori Sand Museum is located at the western end of the primary sand rise region.

The fastest and most frequent direct train administration to Tottori from Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto stations is the Limited Express Super Hakuto train. This route attracts an additional charge for a non-JR rail segment of the route. For JR pass holders, the Limited Express Hamakaze travels between Osaka and Tottori. There is just a single round trip for each day and travel time is a hour and a half longer than the Super Hakuto.

Overnight transports keep running between Tokyo and Tottori Station.

Visit Sand Museum in Tottori

Reused sand

The sculptures are framed from sand unearthed from nearby street construction projects. This recouped sand has an indistinguishable physical qualities from that of the protected sand ridges.

Visit Sand Museum in Tottori

World-class sand

The $5.5 million facility, the fine-grained sand and the contributions of top international sculptors consolidate to make Tottori a standout amongst the most prestigious sand sculpting centers on the planet

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