Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

The grand lady of Japan's kabuki theaters, the Kabukiza theater in Ginza goes back to 1889. Luxurious and a symbol of the region, this traveler well disposed auditorium is the place to find out around one of Japan's most vibrant and spellbinding conventional artforms.

Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

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The great architecture of this 2,000 seat scene
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How to Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

The Ginza region, where you'll discover Kabukiza, is situated by JR Tokyo Station.

Kabukiza is a quick 2-5 minute stroll from either Higashi-Ginza Station or Ginza Station on Tokyo Metro tram lines. The venue is around a 15-minute stroll from JR Tokyo Station or a 10-minute stroll from JR Yurakucho Station on the Yamanote line.

Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

One of Japan's three classical theatrical artforms

Close by with bunraku manikin theater and noh, Kabuki is one of Japan's conventional theatrical artforms. Going back to the Edo time frame (1603-1867), there are many types of kabuki performance, yet they share regular components.

Kabuki's think movements, exagerated acting, and timing are exceptionally specialized, and the fancy ensembles and accompanying unrecorded music are genuinely spellbinding. Indeed, even with almost no understanding of the language, the artform's figurative nature should make it unmistakable who the legends and reprobates are. Kabuki might be appear to be uncertain for the unitiated, however you can lease a headset to hear the scenes clarified in English.

Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

Stunning architecture

The Kabukiza theater was worked in 1889 particularly for performances of kabuki. Having been stricken by catastrophe and remade a few times, it most as of late reopened in 2013.

Looking to encapsulate the excellence of Japanese architecture, the performance center's plan by incredibly famous engineer Kengo Kuma holds a characteristic tiled rooftop, camber freight ship board (Chinese cusped peaks) and Japanese-style balustrades.

Sublime all around

While the outside of Kabukiza is impactful, the venue's inside, bragging almost 2,000 seats and high vaulted roofs, is no less amazing. You'll even get a decent perspective of the phase in the shoddy seats toward the back and high over the stage.

The stage sets likewise merit extraordinary specify: rotating stages and trapdoors take into consideration fast scene changes or the sudden appearance or disappearance of actors. Likewise one of a kind is the hanamichi or footbridge that leads through the group of onlookers, taking into account a dynamic entrance or exit.

Visit Tokyo's Premier Kabuki Stage

Right in the act

Kabuki performances typically comprise of three or four acts and can last about five hours. Tickets for a full performance can cost around 20,000 yen and can be reserved online in English.

A more reasonable option are the single-act tickets you can purchase upon the arrival of the performance from a devoted ticket window. At much lower rates, these exceptional same day-of-performance seats and standing room no one but tickets can cost as meager as 1,000 yen. Be cautioned you may need to arrange fairly ahead of schedule to anchor these single-act seats.

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