45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt. There’s plenty to do in the adventurer’s utopia otherwise known as Egypt, from archeological indulgence to sun-kissed leisure. Thankfully, Egypt’s highly functional transportation network is guaranteed to take you where you need to be and enrich your travel experience.

1| Giza Plateau

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Giza Plateau
Located just outside of the outskirts of Cairo on the esplanade known as the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramids of Giza is the must-see Ancient Egyptian landmark. Known as Khufu's Pyramid, it is the greatest pyramid of the complex: a truly overwhelming sight. Being one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it is the only one still standing to this day!

2| Mausoleum of the Aga Khan

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Mausoleum of the Aga Khan
At first sight, the Mausoleum of the Agha Khan in Aswan may appear to you as an austere and isolated building, on the west bank of the Nile River. Inspired by the architecture of the Cairo Fatimids, the structure is recognizable by its elegance and by its special use of pink granite.

3| A Nile Cruise From Aswan To Luxor

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
A Nile Cruise From Aswan To Luxor
Cruise from Aswan to Luxor and go for brief felucca sailing excursions to visit world renowned monuments and secluded islands. During the first two days, you'll get to explore the High Dam, the Granite Quarries and sail to the Temple of Philea and Kom Ombo.

4| Al-Azhar Park

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Al-Azhar Park
Escape Cairo's exhilaration by heading to the green landscaped gardens of Al-Azhar Park where you'll relax in a tranquil setting while gazing at beautiful panoramic views of the capital. Embracing valuable history, the park is also home to the newly discovered Ayyubid wall, constructed by Salah El Din more than 800 years ago. You can also choose to sit back at one of the numerous and unique cafes and restaurants, all offering 5 star services. They have been built and thoughtfully positioned for visitors to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

5| Al-Azhar Mosque

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Al-Azhar Mosque
Located at the heart of Islamic Cairo, the Al-Azhar complex, mosque and university, does not only house the oldest university in the world but it is also the place where the graduation black gowns originated from.

The costume worn by students all around the world during their graduation seems to have been inspired by the flowing robes of the Islamic Scholars 'graduating' from Al-Azhar.

The University is now distributed between different buildings, but the mosque, founded by Jawhar al-Siqilly, the Fatimid conqueror of Egypt, in 970 is still a true marvel and a not-to-be-missed attraction while visiting Cairo. Moreover, due to its location, it is the perfect place to start your exploration tour of Islamic Cairo.

6| The Gayer Anderson Museum

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Gayer Anderson Museum
The Gayer Anderson Museum in Cairo is a must-see on your exploration tour of Islamic Cairo. It consists of an amazing patchwork of Islamic styles and artefacts packed into two wonderful ancient residences: Beit el-Kiridiliya (1632) and Beit Amna Bent Salim (1540).

The museum was founded by a British major, John Gayer-Anderson, an army doctor who restored and furnished the two residences between 1935 and 1942, filling them with antiquities, artwork, furniture, glassware, crystal, carpets, silks and embroidered Arab costumes.

Used as a location in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me", the museum houses a puzzle of theme-decorated rooms: the Persian room has exquisite tiling, the Damascus room has lacquer and gold, whereas in other parts of the museum, you'll find a central marble fountain, decorated ceiling beams and carpet-covered alcoves.

7| Al-Hakim Mosque

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Al-Hakim Mosque
Located near Bab al-Futuh, at the beginning of Al-Mo'ez Street, you'll find one of the largest Fatimid mosques in Cairo: the Al-Hakim Mosque. A famously eccentric caliph, Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah, ordered its construction in 990 AD.

Towards the end of his reign, he disappeared without a trace at the age of 36. The mosque has since then been used as a warehouse and an elementary school before being reconverted into a mosque in 1980. The sanctuary's most impressive features are its minarets, the oldest "surviving" minarets of all Cairo, and the mosque's spectacular entrance resembling a propylon which is more of an Ancient Egyptian architectural feature.

8| Kitchener's Island

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Kitchener's Island
The island was given to Lord Horacio Kitchener. He turned the entire island into a botanical garden in the 1928. The Kirchener's Island is a peaceful paradise, full of shady trees, beautiful flowers and unusual plants. The island is a haven for rare exotic birds and you'll surely get a glimpse of their colourful plumage in the branches of most of the trees while strolling down its sidewalks on a quiet afternoon escaping your hectic holiday.

9| Tombs of the Nobles

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Tombs of the Nobles
The illuminated view of the northern hills of the west bank of the Nile is a truly magical one, not to be missed. From Aswan, you'll have front row seats to witness this particularly beautiful and inspiring panorama.

10| High Dam

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
High Dam
Prepare yourself for a particularly overwhelming sightseeing experience: the Aswan High Dam is truly impressive. The Dam is 3600 metres long, 980 metres thick at base and 111 metres tall (at its highest point).

The waters of Lake Nasser, the world's largest man-made lake, have amassed behind it. It provides irrigation water and electricity for the whole of Egypt. Located 13 km south of Aswan, the High Dam is usually included on south Aswan daytrips itineraries. These tours can be booked through your hotel or through any tour operator in town.

11| White Canyon Trek and Climb

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
White Canyon Trek and Climb
A camel safari or 4x4 safari to Ain Khudra oasis is the perfect starting point for a trek into the White Canyon. The rocks of the White Canyon have a high lime content that creates the magnificent pure white walls you can marvel at while pacing and hiking in the canyon. The Canyon can be reached in less than one hour from Dahab by a 4X4.

12| Ain Sukhna

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Ain Sukhna
A short distance from Cairo, one and a half hour drive on the new highway, Ain Sukhna is fast becoming one of the top getaway vacation spots on the Red Sea Coast, making it finally possible to combine a short stay in Cairo with some sun & sea fun.

13| Khan El-Khalili

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Khan El-Khalili
No visit to Cairo is Complete without a stop at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar, where you will be transported back in time to an old Arab souk. Shop owners calling you to their stalls, the scent of spices, the hustle and bustle of trade, and the many beautiful objects that can purchased will have you lost among alleys for hours.

Put your haggling skills to the test when buying statuettes, spices, souvenirs, silver jewellery, t-shirts, galabiyyas, belly dancing costumes, or anything for that matter. When your shopping's done, dont miss out on a traditional cup of tea at the famous Fishawi's cafe.

14| Taba Heights Golf Resort

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Taba Heights Golf Resort
Nestled between the clear blue waters of the Red Sea and the spectacular Sinai Mountains, with views over the Gulf of Aqaba, the Taba Heights Golf Resort offers an exciting 18-hole golf course with raised fairways and numerous bunkers. A course that is well suited to both beginners and more advanced players.

The course has been designed by John Sanford, a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architect. The savoir-faire of these highly estimated professional resulted in a golf course that meets both American and European golf courses architectural standards. Course specifications: 18-hole, Par 72, 7,100 yards Facilities: Pro shop, caddies, coaching, carts, driving range, club rental, tournaments, bar and snack restaurant

15| The Egyptian Museum

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Egyptian Museum
No Egypt tour is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. With over 120,000 artefacts, the museum houses an unbelievable exhibit depicting ancient Egypt's glorious reign. Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery and of course King Tutankhamen's treasures, it's all there. The boy-king's death-mask - discovered in its tomb - is made of solid gold and it has been described as the most beautiful object ever made.

16| Mohamed Ali Mosque

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Mohamed Ali Mosque
Visiting Cairo, you will easily locate the Mohamed Ali Mosque, due to its prominent features: its dome rises up to 52 metres high and two east side minarets reach not less than 84 meters.

While wandering around the mosque, you will soon discover why it also holds the name of the 'Alabaster Mosque.' Its interior and exterior walls are amazingly coated with alabaster to the height of 11 metres. The Mohammed Ali Mosque crowns the Citadel of Salah el-Din in Cairo. It was built between 1830 and 1848 by the architect Yousef Bushnak and upon Mohamed Ali Pasha's request.

17| Giza Camel Rides

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Giza Camel Rides
A camel ride is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveler. Many people who visit the Giza plateau choose to go on a camel ride around the Pyramids. Yet a better idea is to explore the desert behind the Pyramids.Try to be there just before sunset to enjoy a magnificent view of the Pyramids, as well as the mystical and melodious Call to Prayer rising from hundreds of mosques at the same time. But before going on a Camel ride always agree on the price first & only give a tip if you want to!

18| Cairo Tower

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Cairo Tower
From its 187 meters, the Cairo tower offers the most amazing panoramic views of the Egyptian capital. It is advised to go up to the tower's circular observation deck in the late morning or late afternoon for the clearest views of the city. You'll also find a restaurant at the top of the tower. Occasionally, the restaurant revolves around the tower's main axis. The tower was designed by the Egyptian architect, Naoum Chebib. Its completion took 5 years, from 1956 to 1961.

19| The Blue Hole

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Blue Hole
A few kilometers north of Dahab, you will find the world famous 'Blue Hole.\" It is a spectacular, but somewhat dangerous site: corals, fans, eels and dozens of fish species flourish there, and the incredible depths of the hole provide magnificent scenery.

The technical divers are particularly attracted by the arch connecting the Blue Hole with the open sea and the whole site is a marvel of light and life which makes unforgettable memories. The Blue Hole is a shore dive and the view is magnificent in this spot where the mountain meets the sea.

20| The Hanging Church

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Hanging Church
Take the steps that lead to one of the most beautiful churches in the Middle East known as the Hanging Church. Built on top of the Roman fortress gatehouse called Babylon, the nave of the Hanging Church is suspended over the passageway.

Located just south of the Coptic Museum in Cairo, the Hanging Church boasts 13 magnificent pillars in its interior, representing Jesus and his 12 apostles. Listen in on the ancient liturgical Coptic language used in service and witness a living vestige of Ancient Egyptian history.

21| Careless Reef

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Careless Reef
The Careless Reef is justifiably one of the more popular dive sites in Hurghada, with its many coral forests and a dense population of fish, including the occasional hammerhead shark, jacks, tuna and barracuda.

The reef is however famous for the large population of giant and other morays flourishing in its premises, thanks to all the gifts of food they get from the dive guides.The reef itself consists of two coral towers brushing the water surface.

The valley between these peaks is about 16m deep, and offers a wide range of dive possibilities for less experienced divers. A few meters east and well beyond 40m, experienced divers can find many caves to explore.

22| St Mena Monastery

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
St Mena Monastery
Located approximately 50 km southwest of Alexandria, the small village-town of Abu-Mina is home to St. Mena (Mina) monastery. St Mena is believed to have fallen as a martyr in the early 4th century when the Roman Empire was persecuting Christians.

A modern monastery has been built on the location of an ancient church, where the Saint's remains are believed to be buried.

A German archeological team has been working at Abu Mina since 1969. Buses depart regularly from Alexandria's new station (Baheej Station), to Abu-Mina. After reaching Abu-Mina, you can catch a microbus to get to the monastery.

23| Mountains of Bahariya

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Mountains of Bahariya
Drive or hike up to the mountains of Dist, Maghrafa and Ghurabi. Jebel Dist has a remarkable view of palm trees surrounded by dunes. Jebel Maghrafa, known as a prehistoric site of dinosaur remains, has a camel breeding farm which welcomes visitors.  Jebel Ghurabi is a great location for a short hike or a picnic.

24| Samadai Reef

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Samadai Reef
The Samadai reef, also called the Dolphin House, is probably the most famous diving site near Marsa Alam. A large group of harmless spinner dolphins considers this particular horseshoe-shaped reef as its home and they got used to snorkelers' company with time.

While diving or snorkelling in the area, you will have to be patient to get a glimpse of the all-time favorite marine mammal: you can't guarantee a meeting with these friendly creatures from the first dive. The more time you'll spend on diving excursions the bigger chances you will have to experience this once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

The site is accessible by liveaboards. On their way from Sharm or Hurghada, the boats usually stop there for the night. Moreover, the Dolphin House is a major stop on any Red Sea diving safari route, departing from the major Red Sea holiday destinations.

25| Five Day Lake Nasser Cruise

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Five Day Lake Nasser Cruise
Although Lake Nasser is the largest manmade lake in the world, you'll find its serene waters and pristine banks full of natural wonders and ancient monuments. The picturesque Ancient Egyptian monuments retain their flavour and charm despite their relocation after the creation of the Lake Nasser.

Lake Nasser cruises are Nile cruises taken to the highest level of comfort and luxury; expect a totally different ambiance than the one you might sample on regular Nile cruises. Only six cruisers are allowed to sail on the lake, the boats are stunningly designed with touches of modern or Art Deco elegance.

They usually include a swimming pool, a gym, a hammam or Jacuzzi, a bar, a gourmet restaurant, and guests are pampered with treats such as classical music in front of the temples of Abu-Simbel.

26| Stars Center Shopping Mall in City Stars

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Stars Center Shopping Mall in City Stars
Over 643 stores to choose from, 2 indoor theme parks, a 21 screen state of the art cinema, a modern indoor Khan el Khalili, 3 hotels, and a giant exhibition space make the Stars Center in Cairo's City Stars Complex the best equipped mall in the region.

Hours on end can be spent perusing the world renowned brands; there are also local boutiques and retail outlets. If you're looking for some peaceful shopping you can drop the kids off at Magic Galaxy, where they can ride the roller coaster, drive the bumper cars or play with a selection of over 90 video games as you spend your time shop hopping.

27| Three Day Lake Nasser Cruise

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Three Day Lake Nasser Cruise
Just imagine you're relaxing on the deck as the cruise boat sails the gentle waters of the Lake Nasser, the faraway ruins slowly become an impressive temple dominating a hill- beautiful dunes, clear skies and the sun are just incidental extras.

During day one, you'll visit Kalabsha Temple, Hemi Speos of Beit el Wali and the Kiosk of Kertassi. Sail to Wadi el-Seboua near the Tropic of Cancer. You're in the middle of the cruise leaving Wadi el-Seboua Temple on day two; next stop is the Temple of Dakka and the Greco Roman Temple of Meharakka.

But it doesn't end there; next you'll sail to the Temple of Amada and the Hemi Spocs of Derr, and the Tomb of Penout. Day three, morning visit to Abu Simbel to catch the sunrise over the magnificent facade of the temple and a night time visit to watch the sound and light show.

28| Diving the Abu Kafan Reef

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Diving the Abu Kafan Reef
Also known as Abu Qifan, the 300-metre long reef is a favourite among divers in Safaga, so expect it to be a little crowded. The site can be reached by boat from Safaga, and many live-aboards departing from Hurghada stop there as well. The reef is a blessing for wall divers, as it offers a descent of 300 metres. While down there, you are most likely to spot anthias, jacks, tunas, barracudas, reef sharks and hammerheads.

29| Ain Sukhna Bird Watching

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Ain Sukhna Bird Watching
Located on the Egyptian Red Sea coast, within an hour and a half driving distance from Cairo, the touristic area of Ain Sukhna is known to be an important bottleneck for migratory birds. The area is a great site for observing the spring migration. If you're lucky enough to be in Ain Sukhna at the right time, you have a big chance to spot migrating birds along the Galala Plateau, passerines among the scrubs and gardens, as well as seabirds such as White-eyed Gulls and Swift Terns along the coast.

30| The Great Sphinx

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Great Sphinx
The greatest mystery of Ancient Egyptian mysteries is also the largest monolithic statue and the oldest known monumental sculpture in the world. When was it built, for what purpose, which pharaoh does it represent, and who broke the nose? Any answer is a matter of conjecture. Egyptologists have not found any conclusive evidence. No matter. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a wonder to behold.

31| The Temple of Kom Ombo

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
The Temple of Kom Ombo
Dedicated to Sobek and Horus the Elder, the Temple of Kom Ombo has two identical entrances, hypostyle halls and sanctuaries. The symmetry of the temple layout is a tribute to the mythical link the two gods shared.

Built on an outcrop at a bend in the Nile where crocodiles used to gather in ancient times, the temple is a testament to the importance Ancient Egyptian priests placed in the natural cycles and crocodiles of the Nile.

Visit the temple to see mummified crocodiles, clay coffins and spectacular reliefs on the walls.The temple can be reached on your way from Luxor to Aswan on a Felucca ride or a Nile Cruise, or on a day trip from Aswan.

32| Maidum Pyramid

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Maidum Pyramid
Built by the pharaoh Snefru, the Father of Khufu, the pyramid of Maidum seems to stand alone on the edge of the desert, close to several smaller mastabas. The eight layers structure is believed to be the first attempt at a true pyramid and it is the first Egyptian pyramid to have an above ground burial chamber with beautiful and innovative arch-shaped walls. Nowadays, you can only see the highest three levels of the pyramid, protruding through the sands and collapsed debris, in an aura of strength.

33| Quad biking in the Western Desert

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Quad biking in the Western Desert
Take a quad bike tour across a beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa Oasis. You'll find several places in the oasis that rent out quad bikes, so take a ride around and watch the sun set or rise and change the colours of the desert terrain. No experience is needed for this fun activity; just make sure you take a scarf and sunglasses or goggles to protect your face from the sand, and that you are accompanied by a guide.

34| Fantasy Island

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Fantasy Island
Another favorite bathing spot for locals and tourists in Siwa is Fatnas Island. Also known as "Fantasy Island" the spot is located 6 km from Siwa Town on the salt lake of Birket Siwa in a beautiful surrounding of palm trees and beautiful scenery. There's even a small cafe nearby from where you will be able to watch an amazing sunset while having tea or a cold drink.

35| Snorkelling in Dahab

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Snorkelling in Dahab
Snorkelling options are varied and wide in Dahab, it is a Red Sea destination where almost any first-timer will feel tempted to start snorkelling and why not, even diving. But for the more experienced snorkelers, one site beats them all: the legendary Blue Hole.

Its depth gives you the chills: 110 meters, dropping down directly a mere few steps from the shore. But the surrounding reefs that might scare off novices provide you with the most unbelievable snorkelling sights such as the amazing underwater wall gardens and the astounding variety of underwater Red Sea fauna.

To get to the Blue Hole from Dahab, you would have to walk for a couple of hours. It is thus far more convenient to take a bike, jeep, or camel. The trip can be arranged from any hotel in Dahab. Expect to spend a whole day on site

36| Al Tarfa Luxury Lodge and Spa

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Al Tarfa Luxury Lodge and Spa
Get away from life as you know it and find sanctuary in the pleasures found at Al Tarfa Luxury Lodge and Spa in the Dakhla Oasis.

A sanctuary in the desert, Al Tarfa offers a number of extravagant treatments that will have you leaving the plights of modern living far behind. Imagine relaxing on an outdoor platform surrounded by aromatic candles and enjoying a deep massage as you watch the scenic sun set over the desert dunes.

Numerous types of massages, a sauna, a steam room, and a heated pool - perfect for desert nights - are also available indoors. The best way to go before sipping on a refreshing cocktail at the relaxation room or out on the terrace in the quiet of the oasis.

37| Charm Life Hotel

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Charm Life Hotel
Beautifully framed by the ever-changing blue of the waves and the bright white of the endless sandy beaches, you're bound to love the space, comfort and brightness of the Charm Life Hotel, its three outdoor pools and the heated indoor pool.

But moreover, you have to take a look at what's on offer in the hotel's luxury 1,600 sq. M spa. The facilities include 16 luxury cabins for body and facial care, 2 saunas and 2 steam rooms, an indoor whirlpool bath, as well as a fitness room and studio.

In this sanctuary of restful calm and well-being, you'll be treated like royalty. The subdued lighting, scented candles and mood music will transport you to a world of pleasure you've never experienced before.

38| Grand Rotana Resort and Spa

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Grand Rotana Resort and Spa
A resort that whispers luxury and relaxation in your ear, the Grand Rotana is one of the best equipped facilities for spa treatments and wellness. The grounds have picturesque gardens with splashing waterfalls as well as a pristine private beach where you can take pleasure in a professional massage.

It is difficult to choose between the Hammam, Plunge Pool, sauna, or steam room, and the most picky fitness buff is bound to be satisfied with the Bodylines Fitness Center.

The resort's Zen Spa offers treatments based on Asian holistic approaches, custom designed for your spa needs. And if you're on a romantic getaway, ask to be pampered together with your loved one at the private VIP romantic treatment room where the right mood is set by candles and oriental scents.

39| Diving in Ras Mohammed

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Diving in Ras Mohammed
Egypt's first protected area is a world-famous area with several top diving locations. The area of Ras Mohammed is a cape formed by ancient corals; you can see those emerging on the surface of the sea. It is indisputably one of the most beautiful places in South Sinai.

Due to currents carrying out of the Gulf of Aqaba, the underwater inhabitants of the area are simply exceptional and a lot of fish come here from the open seas in search of food and shelter: you'll observe an unperceived abundance of hard and soft corals, as well as big schools of tunas, barracudas, jackfish and even sharks.

Only to name a few, Shark and Yolanda reefs are 'the' Red Sea dive. Strong currents bringing in a wide variety of fishes made the spot one of the most perfect sites for underwater photography.

40| Mirage City Golf Course

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Mirage City Golf Course
Less than 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport and adjacent to the JW Marriott Cairo in the heart of the prestigious Heliopolis distric, the Mirage City Golf Club offers all-level golfers the opportunity to experience a challenging and rewarding golf game.

The course was recently awarded the MENA platinum award for best golf club in the Middle East and Africa.On-site you'll also find a private health club in the premises of the clubhouse, a fully-equipped facility dedicated to fitness and relaxation.

Course specifications: 18-hole Championship course, Par 72, 7,108 yard and 9-hole course, Par 32, 4,140 yards Facilities: Pro shop, restaurants, sports bar, private meeting rooms, health club, sauna, steam room.

41| Coloured Canyon

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Coloured Canyon
One of the natural wonders of the Sinai, the Coloured Canyon, can be visited from Taba. It's a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of yellow, purple, red, magenta and gold reaching up in some places a height of 40 meters.

The uneven forms and height of the rocks sometimes make climbing necessary, so be prepared and try to get there as early as possible, not only because of the weather, but also to avoid the crowds.

Although you might agree that the magic of the place is best enjoyed when you're on your own, you will have to take a guided tour to the Canyon.Many hotels and tour operators in Taba organize day tours to this amazing destination.

42| Bedouin Dining by the Beach

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Bedouin Dining by the Beach
One of the main attractions of Dahab is the unique on-the-ground dining experience. Many restaurants offer a Bedouin-laid back setting of large colorful cushions and low tables placed close to the beach.

Most of these restaurants have also fish stalls where you'll be asked to choose your fish and have it prepared the way you like it.

The food is exquisite and quite cheap. After finishing your meal, you can just lean back on the cushions and rest for as long as you wish. Thinking of how much a shisha would fit into the whole setting? Think no more, your wish will surely be anticipated by the restaurant staff.

43| Salah El-Din Fortress on Pharaoh Island-Taba

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Salah El-Din Fortress on Pharaoh Island-Taba
After a short ferry ride from Taba's coast, you'll reach the Island of the Pharaoh, a small granite atoll surrounded by coral reefs and dominated by the magnificent Saladin fortress, built by Crusaders in the 12th century and recently restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

Salah El-Din based his soldiers on this strategic island in order to control the trade of products coming from Asia and demand ransoms from pilgrims on their way to Mecca. A truly strategic spot: you'll be stunned by the fortress's panoramic view, a landscape merging between the coasts of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

44| Marina Boulevard

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Marina Boulevard
A stroll along the Hurghada Marina Boulevard is a must-do: watch multi-million dollar yachts floating on the majestic Red Sea before settling down in one of the upscale cafés, bars or pubs of the Marina.

45| Sharm Semi-Submarine Tour

45 Best Places To Travel In Egypt
Sharm Semi-Submarine Tour
The Red Sea underwater is an eternal source of amazement. Divers have the chance to experience the real thing and sneak a peek at the incredible richness of the Sinai waters. But if you're not a diver nor a snorkeler nor even a swimmer, it doesn't mean you have to settle for the classic and somewhat shallow glass-bottom boat excursion.

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