Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Wonderful Paradise for Surf Lovers

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia. One would never get bored exploring Indonesia. Plunge into thrilling caving adventures, exotic diving escapades, challenging volcano climbs, intriguing jungle treks and many more!

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Mentawai Islands

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: G-Land (Plengkung Beach)

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
G-Land (Plengkung Beach)
G-Land (Plengkung Beach), Outstanding Wave for Challenging Surfing Experience. Indonesia is most proud of the Plengkung Beach at the eastern tip of Java Island. Aside from its enchanting natural beauty, the long curving coast line here is recognized as one of the best surfing sites on the face of the earth.

More familiarly known among world’s renowned international surfers as G-land, the beach, located in the Banyuwangi Regency, is a paradise for surfers offering some of the most outstanding waves in the world.

For, Plengkung Beach is dubbed “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by international surfers for its legendary 7 rolls of waves that can reach up to 6 meters high.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Morotai Island

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Morotai Island
Locals who still remember World War II would tell visitors that back in 1944-145 Morotai was a hive of military activities with tens of sorties roaring daily from aircrafts taking off and landing at airstrips along Daruba Bay, endless stamping of thousands of military boots marching across the island, and navy ships anchoring daily carrying supplies and reinforcement.

For Morotai back then, was the strategic base of the Allied Forces from which they attacked posts in the Philippines and Borneo in their fight against Japanese forces during World War II.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Lakey Beach

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Lakey Beach
Lakey beach is a long, wide, palm-lined, white-sand stretch of beach fronted by reef. Much of the bottom is rocky, but farther up the beach it's sandy and good for swimming. It is already well known among the world’s surfers community.

The waves here appear to sweep to the left in direction, instead of right, as is common. The uniqueness of this fact, with the added, natural beauty of the beach has become a sensation, especially among surfing enthusiasts.

Aside from that, the sea breeze is fairly strong as well which supports the activities of surfing, wind surfing, or kite surfing.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Sumbawa Island

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Sumbawa Island
Located to the east of the more famous Lombok Island, Sumbawa is just waiting to be discovered. It may take longer to reach but once you get to Sumbawa you’ll be rewarded with excellent surf and incredible views.

This island is best known for its waves, sandy beaches and wild terrain. With great surf and spectacular coral reefs, the majority of travelers to Sumbawa come to surf and dive. In parts of Sumbawa, traditional ways of living continue today.

Many of the ritual events of old ways are still performed such as water buffalo racing and berempuk – a ritual boxing match. Visit here if you have a thirst for adventure and want to get a truly authentic experience of local culture.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Kampar River's

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Kampar River's
Kampar is a long river that rushes down from the Bukit Barisan mountain range that forms the spine of the island of Sumatra along its west coast.

The river then meanders through the Riau province, to finally pour out in the Malacca Straits, on the east coast of Sumatra.

Along its long course the river divides itself into two large branches known as the Kampar Kanan (the right branch of Kampar) and Kampar Kiri (its left branch).

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Mentawai Islands

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Mentawai Islands
Take a trip into the wild with an adventure to the Mentawai islands. Be surrounded by tropical rainforests and immerse yourself in the traditions of the local people.

While the physical distance between the mainland and Mentawai is not great, this remains one of the most isolated places in Indonesia, and was only subject to outside influences at the start of the 20th century.

A long way from the world of shopping malls and theme parks, this is where travellers come to get a truly off the beaten track adventure.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Banyuwangi

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Banyuwangi Beaches for Beginner Surfers. Did you know that surfing comes in many different types? Surfing has become a culture expanding beyond the sport itself.

Gear and fashion apparel are flourishing worldwide for the love of surf. Besides getting ecstatic for having skills to maneuver a board, surfing can be done in various locations other than by the beach.

Stand-up surfing on beach waves is the most famous and has become one of the most challenging extreme sports to try. There’s also kite surfing, windsurfing and sidewalk surfing known as skateboarding.

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia: Bali Island

Best Surfing Spot In Indonesia
Bali Island
Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports. There is no limit to how much fun you can have when you are on vacation in the tropical paradise called Bali.

Often dubbed as the Land of the Gods, Bali truly has everything anyone would want in a vacation. The culture, art, food and simply the warmth of the people, the shining sun and sand tickling your feet would be enough to make anyone feel depressed when they think of leaving this sublime destination.

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