Festivals and Events In Phuket

Phuket has a large Chinese influence, so you will see many Chinese shrines and Chinese restaurants around the city. A Chinese Vegetarian Festival is held there every year. While the Chinese community is quite big, there are many other ethnicities bringing all their traditions and festivals from all over the world to Phuket.

Chinese New Year–The Old Phuket Festival

Held during the last three days of Chinese New Year. The Festival takes place on Thalang Road, Krabi Road, and Soi Rommani which are Phuket’s historical part of town. There will be all kinds of activities and performances revolving around Phuket’s past, local foods, snacks and opera performances from China.

Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon Fair

Held on March every year to commemorate the two great heroines who rallied the Thalang people to repel Burmese invaders. Many activities and celebrations are organized.

Chao Le (Sea Gypsy) Boat Floating Festival

Held during the middle of June and November yearly. The sea gypsy villages at Rawai and Sapam Village hold their ceremonies on the 13th; Ko Si-re and Laem La (east of the bridge on Phuket’s northern tip) celebrates on the 14th. Ceremonies, which center around the setting adrift of small boats similar to the Thai festival of Loi Krathong, are held at night and their purpose is to drive away evil and bring good luck.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Festivals and Events In Phuket
Held on the first day of the 9th lunar month (September-October). Phuket islanders of Chinese ancestry commit themselves to a 9-day vegetarian diet, a form of purification believed to help make the forthcoming year “troublefree”. The Festival is marked by several ascetic displays, including fire-walking and ascending sharp-bladed ladders.

Patong Seafood Festival and Phuket Travel Fair

Starting on 1 November yearly that marks the opening of “High Season”. The activities include cultural shows, colorful parades, the delicious seafood of Phuket, demonstrations of regional cuisines.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Held in December at Hat Bang Tao. The triathlon (a 1,000-metre swim, a 5-kilometer bike race, and a 12-kilometer run) attracts world-class athletes from all over the world.

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

Held in December. The Phuket Yacht Club hosts international yachtsmen, largely from neighboring countries who compete in the Nai Han Beach area for royal trophies.

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