Spas, Meditation and Thai Traditional Massage

If your mind and body are tired, your arrival in Bangkok will find answers to the problem. Try Spas, Meditation and Thai Traditional Massage will make you better.


Spas, traditionally, were towns where public baths, hospitals or hotels were built on top of mineral springs so that people could come and make use of the healing properties found in the water and its mud for medical purposes.

These days, a spa doesn’t have to be a town built on natural thermal springs. It can be a place anywhere that anyone can go to, to relax in tranquil surroundings with a variety of treatment administered to recontour and rejuvenate the body and mind.


Meditation is one of the most popular aspects of Buddhism, practiced regularly by numerous Thais, and laymen as a means of promoting inner peace and happiness. The following are meditation centers which offer a class in English for foreign visitors who wish to find out more about Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.

Thai Traditional Massage

Spas, Meditation and Thai Traditional Massage
This therapeutic and highly soothing form of massage purportedly evolved from rishis (forest-dwelling Brahmin hermit ascetics) who relieved the physical stress of extended periods of meditation by adopting certain postures.

Wat Pho is the best-known center for massages and massage tuition. Major hotels also offer Thai massage services. For more information, call Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School Tel : 0 2221 3686, 0 2622 3551

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