Visit Zoos / Aquarium In Bangkok With Family

The zoo is the right choice to invite children to learn about nature and its fauna. Zoos / Aquarium In Bangkok is an alternative to your family recreation

Dusit Zoo

Visit Zoos / Aquarium In Bangkok With Family
Located beside the Royal Plaza, Bangkok’s oldest zoo contains a collection of popular African and Asian mammals and birds in an ornamental garden.

Open: Monday-Friday from 08.00 a.m.06.00 p.m., Saturday-Sunday from 08.00 a.m.06.00 p.m. Admission: Adult 100 Baht, child 50 Baht Tel : 0 2281 2000, 0 2281 9027-8

Sea life Bangkok Ocean World

It is situated on B1-B2 floors of Siam Paragon, an extravagant department store located in the heart of the metropolis. The largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, exhibiting over 30,000 marine animals from all over the world and featuring a wide range of rare and exotic species. The area of the aquarium spans as wide as two football fields and uses world-class advanced technology to provide a rewarding underwater experience to visitors. Feel like walking under the ocean and be amazed at the fascinating underwater world.

Open: Daily from 10.00 a.m.-08.00 p.m. Admission: Adult 490 Baht, child 350 Baht Tel : 0 2687 2000

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (Snake Farm)

Located near Chulalongkorn Hospital on the corner of Henri Dunant Road and Rama IV Road, this institute contains a collection of poisonous snakes which are “milked” daily for their venom in order to produce invaluable anti-snakebite serum.

Open: Monday–Friday from 08.30 a.m.04.30 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 09.30 a.m.-01.00 p.m. Venom extraction: Monday-Friday at 11.00 a.m. and 02.30 p.m., holidays at 11.00 a.m. Admission: Adult 200 Baht, child 50 Baht Tel : 0 2252 0161-4

Safari World

Bangkok’s greatest open zoo and leisure park are located in Min Buri, via Km. 9 on Raminthra Road. The 300-acre complex comprises a Safari Park populated by African and Asian mammals, a Marine Park with amusing performances of well-trained dolphins and seals, a Bird Park and a Games Corner.

Open: Monday-Friday from 09.00 a.m.04.30 p.m; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 09.00 a.m.-05.00 p.m. Admission: Adult 800 Baht, child 500 Baht Tel : 0 2518 1000-19, 0 2914 4100-19

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